Lilian Gheyathaldin Salih 646

Lilian Gheyathaldin Salih

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Associate Professor
Head of Accounting Department
Former Dean

Educational Qualification

1985-1988 PHD in Economic Sciences (Accounting and Auditing)/ Brussels University, BELGIUM.

1982-1985 Diploma ( Administration Des Enterprises) Louvain Lanouf University, BELGIUM

1972-1976 BA. Management & Economics (Accounting) Mosul University/ IRAQ.

2016-update Head of accounting department
2013-Feb 2016 Dean / College of Business Administration
Sept.2008 -2013 Associate Professor and Head of the accounting department
2002-2012 Assistant Professor ( Accounting department)
Nov.2004-2008 Assistant Dean for administrative affairs.
1999-2002 Assistant Prof.(Al Betra University)/Amman / Jordan.
1994-1997 Lecturer (Accounting) in Al-Mansour College Baghdad/ Iraq.

Training Activities
2013 December AUST finance department
2013 December Ajman Municipality
2013 from 14th of Feb to 6th of June Diploma of professional accounting / Ajman government
2012 from 9th feb to 14th of June
Diploma of “Professional Accounting for non Accountants / Ajman Government
2008 For 3 days
Financial Statement Reports Analysis/ Ajman Municipality

American Accounting association. / USA
- Association of Accountants and Auditors. / UAE

April 2016
Lilian & Zwelif:Paper presented in the conference of “Sustainability and competitiveness in business” University of Zaytoona in Jordan.
The Effect of Six Sigma Approach as a Tool for Strategic Cost Management on Achieving Competitive Advantage of Jordanian Industrial Public Shareholding Companies.

December 2012
Lilian: The Impact of the Basel Accord Standards On The assessment of Capital Adequacy Ratio in Islamic Banks of UAE /Auckland, New Zeland .

June 2012
Mohd Ariff , Siti Rosmaini Bt Mohd Hanafi, Lilian Journal of Advanced Social Research Vol.2 No.4, June 2012, 177-190
The Compositions, Contributions and Limitations of Current
Instruments on the Erm and Internal Auditors Roles in the Erm
Implementation: A Review of Significance Literature

May 2012
Journal of Advanced Social Research Vol.2 No.3, May 2012, 148-164
Quality of Internal Audit Functions: The Development of Quantitative
Measurement Scales
Mohd Ariff Bin Kasim, Siti Rosmaini Bt Mohd Hanafi, Lilian

November, 2011;
Attend and present research paper; Zero-Based Budgeting - A Study on the Legal Frame Work in the U.A.E”, has been accepted for presentation at the American Accounting Association 2011, Diversity Section Meeting, held on November 4th through November 6th at the Westin Fort Lauderdale in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

September 2011;
Implications of Risk Analysis Methods on Capital Adequacy; A Study on the Islamic banks of United Arab Emirates paper accepted by :Annual Hawaii International Business Research Conference.( will be published soon).

21-22 February, 2011;
( second author ) Evaluating Financial Evidences and Early Detection of Financial Shenanigans A study on United Arab Emirates
And accepted by Asia- Pacific Business Research Conference ;Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia .(Rahin Mohamad ,Lilian Gheyath and Inguva )research accepted and published by : Asia- Pacific Business Research Conference.

27- 28 March 2008
Lilian & Inguva International Business Conference, Dubai/Crown, Plaza Hotel , Accepted and published Research paper ( Confronting money Laundering operations : A study on legal frameWork in select middle east countries).

17-08 March 2007
Lilian & Inguva Paper titled and accepted “ security Measures and fraud detection methodologies of online banking system a study on UAE national banks accepted by“ Business information and management Academy (BIMA) Inaugural conference, Sharja, United Arab Emirates.