Abd Al Ghani ِAdnan Abdalla 2273

Abd Al Ghani ِAdnan Abdalla

  • 06 705 6527
  • a.abdallah@ajman.ac.ae

Mr Abdalghani Adnan Abdallah obtained his B.A in the field of Business Computing from Arts, Sciences and Technology University in Lebanon in 2004. He is primarily responsible for performing teaching-related duties to assist faculty members. He has extensive international experience in assisting senior management, project management, and financial planning.  In his role over the past few years, he has multifariously made a significant contribution in learning and mentoring undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has also acted as a consultant on miscellaneous administrative matters to the Dean of the College of Business Administration. Mr Abdallah continuously provides support in the following areas: 

  • Supervision of  the day to day operations of the labs
  •  Plan, prepare and develop various teaching aids
  • Acts as an executive member in the Business Bureau 
  • Represent the College of Business Administration when dealing with other  internal or external administrative departments
  • Respond to inquiries related to MBA candidates

»B.A         Business Computer        2004       AUL University          Lebanon