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Abdulkarim Ali Dahan Al Jaefi

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Dr. Abdulkarim Dahan is an Associate Professor of Economics and has Ph. D in Mineral and Energy Economics from the University of Arizona, USA, in 1996. I have over 15 years of international experience in countries including Yemen, USA and UAE. I worked for universities, government institutions, international organizations and companies including; Ajman University, Colorado School of Mines, Government of Yemen, United Nation, World Bank, Resource Science and Washington Consultancy. During my work experience I have demonstrated leadership, problem solving, decision making, and communication skills.
I Have participated in many local and international conferences, training programs and workshops and have published several economic articles in international journals and local newspapers.

- Attended several local and International conferences and workshops.
- Conducted training program to the Financial and Administrative Affairs Department – Ajman Government. Ajman.
- Conducted training program to Ajman Government. Ajman.
- Conducted a feasibility Study for a private business in Dubai.
- Staff/Faculty member of the Economic and Business Division, Colorado School of Mines, Colorado, USA.
- Monitoring & Evaluation Expert, the World Bank, SBWMP, YEMEN.
- Economic Adviser & Researcher, the General Department of Studies and Research, The Ministry of Oil and Minerals, Sana’a, Yemen.
- Economist and local expert, The UNDP & The Government of Yemen.
- An Economist & Associate Director for Washington Testing & Consulting Services, Yemen Branch. An American Consulting Company with its base in the USA.
- An Economist & Associate Director for Yemen Center for Arab studies and Research.

Research Interest*Economic Development
*Economic Analysis
*Natural Gas

Current Research:
The Impact of EXPO 2020 on the Demand for Electricity in Dubai

Published Research in International Journals By Dr. Abdulkarim Dahan
- The Impact of EXPO 2020 on the Demand for Electricity in Dubai (under publication process)
- Electricity Consumption in UAE: Economics & Estimation 1990–2012,
- The Estimation of the Energy Demand in Yemen: An Econometric Model Approach 1990–2012,
- Economic Growth and its Impact on Energy Consumption and Energy Intensity of Use,
- The Role of GCC’s Natural Gas in the World’s Gas Markets,
- Natural Gas of Yemen: The Challenge of Growth in the World’s Gas Markets,

Economic articles published in the local newspapers, Gulf and Bayan, الخليج والبيان:
• Market movers
• Water Between Consumption and Rationalization
• The Gulf and the Intensity of Energy Use
• Energy, Environment and Entrepreneurship
• GCC Electricity Power
• Challenges Ahead
• Gas of The GCC Countries
o Vision on GCC Integration
o Arabs, The Rising Economic Power
o Woman of UAE and Her Contribution to Development
o GITEX Of UAE, Culture & Economics
o Effect of Low Prices on Commercial Brands
o UAE & The Era of Nuclear Energy
o Ajman as a New Opportunity for Investors
o Economic Recovery Lead By UAE