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Mohammad Khoshnevisan

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Dr. Khoshnevisan is Associate Professor of Finance. He has obtained his Ph.D. in the area of financial engineering from the University of Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Khoshnevisan was formally invited as a visiting scholar at University of California-Berkeley and Harvard University during 2004-2005. Dr. Khoshnevisan received the “Certificate of Achievement “for his contribution to “BISC FLINT-CIBI INTERNATIONAL JOINT WORKSHOP ON SOFT COMPUTING FOR INTERNET AND BIOINFORMATICS” from the World Renowned Scientist and Inventor of Fuzzy Logic, Professor Emeritus Lotfi A. Zadeh, at the University of California- Berkeley.

Dr. Khoshnevisan has published more than 24 refereed articles on pedagogical and arduous issues in finance and estimation methods in reputable international journals such as Journal of Derivatives and Hedge Funds and Journal of Asset Management and presented papers in highly acclaimed academic conferences in Australia, New Zealand and in the United States. His cynosure in research is in the stochastic and heteroscedastic applications of stiff fuzzy systems in portfolio management and wry derivatives. His joint published article entitled “,A General Family of Estimators for Estimating Population Mean Using Known Value of Some Population Parameter, Far East Journal of Theoretical Statistics, Volume 22, PP181–191, 2007 “ has been cited 70 times worldwide and in particular his citation has appeared in the top leading journals such as Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference (Rank A Journal by Australian Mathematical Society), Applied Mathematics and Computation (Ranked A Journal by Australian Mathematical Society and The Australian Government Research Council). His other published article entitled “A Posited Fuzzy- Evolutionary Computational Model to Minimize the Tracking Error of an Option-Replicating Portfolio, Journal of Derivatives and Hedge Funds has also been cited in the “World Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology, by Professor Margaret F. Shipley, University of Houston, Texas, United States.

Dr. Khoshnevisan in his administrative role directed and managed the Bachelor of International Finance and Master of International Finance Programs in Australia. Prior to joining AU, he taught finance in Government Universities in Australia and Saudi Arabia for several years. He has co-supervised two Ph.D. students and he has also acted as an examiner for Ph.D. dissertations in Australia. The Ph.D. dissertations that Dr. Khoshnevisan has examined are:

  • “Forecasting Financial Crises Using a Neural Network Approach” submitted by Juliana Yim for the fulfillment of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.
  • “Mixed Transfer Function Neural Networks for Generalization and Knowledge Extraction” submitted by Iman Khan for the fulfillment of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. 
  • “3D Depth Estimation Using Wavelet Analysis Based Stereo Vision Approach “submitted by Asim Bhatti for the fulfillment of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.

Teaching Areas:

  1. Portfolio Management
  2. Investment
  3. Corporate Finance 

Quantum Finance

Applications of Neuro-Fuzzy Systems in Finance

Applications of Stochastic Calculus and Stiff Fuzzy Systems in Portfolio Management