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Muhammad Hanif

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Muhammad Hanif (Fellow CMA) is a graduate of University of The Punjab (B.COM, M.COM -Gold Medalist) and International Islamic University, Islamabad (MS Finance -Gold Medalist & PhD-Finance).
He spent summer 2013, at Harvard University to attend a short course and a conference on emotional intelligence] and summer 2012, at Kent Business School,
He became Fellow Member of ICMA-PK in 2007. He achieved the presidential award for securing an overall first position in AJK-PSC in 1998. He was awarded (BUTA 2012-13) by HEC-PK.
He has delivered conference and seminar speeches at various distinguished places across the world including
Pakistan, UAE,UK,USA and Netherland.

Dr. Muhammad Hanif has 20 years of professional/managerial and teaching experience at various institutions including SCCBA, RIU, BU, ICMA and FSM. He has vast experience in financial and tax consultancy

Valuation of Assets/Asset Pricing
Earnings Management
capital structure
market efficiency
Islamic financing
He has published 17 journal articles and delivered 23 speeches at international conferences/seminars. He has conducted three workshops in the area of Islamic finance at Islamabad and The Hague
He has delivered conference and seminar speeches at various distinguished places across the world including (CEIF)-2015-Peshawar, (GFIF)-2012-14-Lahore, (CIFB)-2015-FSM-NU, FMS-IIUI-2013 & (ICIB)-2014-Islamabad (Pakistan), 5th (AARC)-2013-NYC, (WFC)-2016-NYC (USA), Seminar on Islamic banking, Kent Business School-2012, Islamic Finance Conference-Lancaster Business School-2014 (UK) and 5th (ARC)-2012, 1st DIBSSRC-2016 and Seminar at Ajman University-2016-UAE.

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