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Islamic Finance Lecture at College of Business

Sunday, Dec 04, 2016

The Department of Finance in the College of Business Administration at Ajman University has launched its first Public Awareness Lecture entitled “Islamic Finance: Past, Present, & Future”. It was presented by Dr. Muhammad Hanif, the Assistant Professor in Finance Department.

The seminar was attended by the faculty members in the college and students of finance major and other majors as well. The lecture covered firstly the importance of Islamic finance, then an introduction to Islamic finance was presented, including the meaning, historic developments, principles and operational modes.

 He presented data over the speedy expansion of Islamic finance on the globe and unprecedented growth of above 15% during last 7 years.

Also, the speaker highlighted the opportunities of Islamic finance indifferent sectors such as banking, insurance, takaful, capital market equities, Sukuk, international trade financing, and islamic asset management. He also pointed out the challenged faced by the Islamic financing. The students and faculty members expressed their appreciation for the lecture, which raises public awareness about a topic, which is very relevant in today’s day and age.