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Business College Professor Discovers Substantial Error with Albert Einstein’s Equation

Tuesday, Sep 12, 2017

Dr Khoshnevisan, Associate Professor of Finance at Ajman University was the toast of the International Conference on Physics [Physics 2017] on August 29th 2017 when he gave a special presentation on his “Discovery of a Substantial Mathematical and Physical Error in Albert Einstein’s Paper 1904 Entitled “ON THE GENERAL MOLECULAR THEORY OF HEAT” and Calculating the New Order of Magnitude of the Radiation Wavelengths (black-body radiation). Earlier, he had also been invited by the conference’s Scientific Committee to act as a moderator and conduct the opening ceremony for the conference.

Dr Khoshnevisan’s research into stochastic differential equations is informed by his firm belief that the unique relationship between Einstein’s formulation of Brownian motion, Modern Finance and Black-Scholes Option Pricing Formula are inseparable. This led him to look deeper into the laws of thermodynamics and the molecular theory of heat, and as a result he discovered that the renowned scientist Albert Einstein in his 1904 paper had made a substantial mathematical error by not solving the first order differential to obtain the value of average energy in his estimation, and he also had not correctly applied the laws of physics i.e.  Wien’s displacement law, which states that the black body radiation curve for different temperatures peaks at a wavelength inversely proportional to the temperature.

As Dr Khoshnevisan asserted during his presentation, Albert Einstein, in his 1904 paper, had assumed that under certain conditions i.e. “if the radiation space is of the same order of magnitude as that wavelength, then the energy fluctuation will be of the same order of magnitude as the energy of the radiation of the radiation space.” Dr Khoshnevisan demonstrated in his presentation the correct equation for calculating the average energy by solving the first order differential equation in Einstein’s 1904 paper and he proved that the estimated value for the max-wavelength should be (0.263/T) which is in agreement with Wien’s displacement law.

Dr Khoshnevisan’s presentation was very well received by conference delegates, and his submission is now published in the special issue of the Journal of Physical Chemistry & Biophysics. Moreover, he received two certificates, one for conducting his special session successfully in relation to the Discovery of a Substantial Mathematical and Physical Error in Albert Einstein’s paper 1904 and the other for his role as a moderator for the conference.

Dr Khoshnevisan would like to express his gratitude to Professor Fadahunsi, Dean of the College of Business Administration and Dr Chaker, Head of the Department of Finance and MBA coordinator for their support and encouragement.