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Social Responsibility Initiatives by Business Students at AU

Thursday, Dec 14, 2017

As the year-ends and it marks the completion of the Year of Giving Initiatives undertaken by the College of Business Administration. We share a few highlights of the projects by the Introduction to Management students that have served the Emirates of Ajman and the community. They are aligned with the Colleges plan of AACSB.

Giving: Believing that charity starts at home. The students conducted giving projects within AU. Students gave food packs to over 100 workers at the construction site.  Students also gave foodstuff to AU workers the janitors and bus drivers whose hard-work ensures smooth operation across campus.  Winter apparel was also distributed to those needing them in this season.

Environment-  Taking care of the environment as a theme of service to the community, the male students took time out from their busy schedules to clean Ajman beachfront, Sheik Ammar Road, Desert Area and Jurf Park.  Coordinating efforts with the Ajman Planning and Municipality Department the students work was a success.

Social Welfare Projects-  A number of social welfare projects were done by students. This was done to demonstrate support and commitment to social development of Ajman. The students planned and executed these projects utilizing their own resources and testified a feeling of contentment and accomplishment afterwards.


Al Ihsan Charity- More than 8 huge boxes of clothing bags and shoes were donated by students to the Al Ihsan Charity Project.  Students solicited these donated items from friends and family to be given to needy people.  For these the Al Ihsan Charity organization recognized the efforts of students by awarding them a plaque of recognition.


The students visited in Ajman a place for Children of Determination, as they are called, or special needs.  There the students gave gifts and played with the special kids.

Nursery schools-  Students visited the Canadian Nursery School in Ajman and brought toys as gifts and spent time playing with the kids cheering them up.

Hospital- Students visited Khalifa Hospital and brought cheer to the children patients and newborn babies by giving balloons, roses and toys.

Orphans –Students brought from Sheikha Foundation orphan kids to Ajman University and treated them to gifts, toys, games, and food. The children had a happy time as well as their guardians who accompanied them.